Loro Ciuffenna, Arezzo, Toscana, Italy

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Giuseppe Grappolini - Frigo Lucini Italia Company
The  Final  Word
Dear Reneè and Daniel,

A long time has passed since we were friendly and worked together.

Over the years, some things have happened, including understanding how important the roles of good accountants and lawyers are to run a business well. And I had not had experience with professionals since I lived alone because my uncle and my father died when I was very young.

I am calm when I tell you that I have forgiven myself for not having listened to my heart for so long. To tell you the truth, this was not the result of a choice, but the result of a series of actions conditioned by events that occurred over a long period of my life.

I’ll get to the point.
The request for contact is to find out if you would be interested in assessing the purchase of new Lucini bottles at a good price, properly kept in a closed, dry warehouse.
They are in perfect condition, packaged on their original pallets.

I would be delighted to receive a response, and perfectly fine if you decide not to respond. I hope you are happy.
Best regards to everyone.
Dear Giuseppe,

At this time, we have an adequate supply of Lucini bottles and it would not make business sense for us to purchase more. While it is possible that we might be interested in purchasing some portion of them in the future, we do not wish you to go to any trouble or expense in continuing to store them. If you elect not to retain them, please make sure that they are destroyed and not used by you or anyone else. Lucini maintains registered trademarks on the bottles, and our attorneys advise that we must vigorously prosecute any use or sale of our trademarked bottles.

I appreciate your warm words but please understand that it is not possible for us to move beyond our past difficulties until your substantial debt to us is repaid. We have hoped you would begin paying off the judgment by now and would certainly work with you if you wanted to arrange for a scheduled payment plan over time.

Good morning Reneè,

In my previous e-mail I wrote to you that I am a very fortunate man, listening to my heart. Your reply to my mail is nothing more than a confirmation of this. Thank you. Reading it, it comes naturally to me to recall that at the time we signed the agreements in 1996, I didn’t listen to my heart, which alerted me not to sign.

Throughout all the time we were together, I have always operated in the interests of your company, never doubting a positive commercial outcome in the mid to long term.

During our latest negotiations, I realized clearly what your father had in mind from the very beginning. In my heart, I never supposed that you would ever harm me.

Then again, naturally for you, Daddy’s money is more important; to have is more important that to be.

So I flew all the way to Florida, aware that your father wanted above all that the two agreements we signed in 1996 be destroyed.
Not getting what he wanted, he instigated a treacherous lawsuit against me!!! His and your attorney–Mr. Florsheim–clearly announced it to my US attorney in Florence and my accountant Mr. Marchini, even if this was unnecessary. It was all very clear.

And in spite of the sentence in my favour and the negative opinion on the second sentence expressed by Judge Alpa, you still believe yourself my creditor? Ha!

The funny thing is that I am YOUR creditor. But that’s life!
A continuous surprise...

Speaking of marketing: a few days ago, in Milan, I was shown a Lucini’s Premium Select Extra Virgin Oil Bag in Box. And I remembered your father, compelled to think up, with the aid of his attorneys, the lie that I stole the Lucini’s flavour and it’s commercial secrets, estimated to be worth a million dollars!
A LPSEVOO bag in box????? Don´t worry, no one is going to steal this secret from you!

The bottles will not be degraded by UV light. They have turned to dust.

I feel sympathy for your father. Nevertheless, I thank him for all the harm I let him do to me (I could write some modern Cantos from Dante’s Inferno) and wish him all the best.

I am a rich man and I possess myself entirely.
And I owe some of this to him...

I’ll leave you with this thought from an American Indian sage: “when you make a decision, do you take responsibility for your feelings and listen to your heart?”

All the best,
Dear Reneè,

Your reply dated June 5th, 2012 is The Final Word that I’ve been expecting since 2005. My sentiments have been entirely confirmed by the content of your e-mail. Thank you.

I was trying to establish a contact with you, after years of silence, because I wanted to know if you were interested in buying the new Lucini bottles at an agreeable price.
Your reply made me realise your sentiments. Et voilà.

Your nature is clearly shown in this mail:
you are aware of deceiving your own heart and you don’t care.

That e-mail made me feel very happy and aware of being at peace with myself.


Giuseppe Grappolini